LEM Products .35 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

Electric meat grinders are a breakthrough invention in the culinary field. Electric meat grinders are a fast and efficient way of grinding the meats as per your needs. Meat lovers all over the world will know the importance of the perfectly minced meat. Minced meat is widely used in meatballs and sausages, two of the most loved food items worldwide. A proper meat grinder reduces your work and gives you the perfectly mixed minced meat. Having said that, there are numerous Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinders in the market that can catch your attention but none of them matches up to the class and the quality of the .35 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder from LEM.

LEM is a leading brand in producing top class quality game processing appliances and has been in service since 1991. With a rich experience in this field coupled with the best industrial brains, LEM has come out with the .35 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinders which is the answer to all your minced meat needs. Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder


1) Compact size

The .35 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder comes in a compact size and clean design. However the size is by no means an indication of its capability. This machine can grind almost any meat thrown at it. Weighing at a neat 36 pounds, the meat grinder will fit perfectly into your kitchen and keep on churning out the minced meat exactly as per your requirements.

2) Robust capacity

The meat grinder has the ability to grind 240 pounds of meat in an hour. That’s an awesome average for the given time frame. Besides that we have had customers grinding chickens, turkeys, smaller bone pieces etc without as much as a glitch. It has an unparalleled capacity and is way ahead of its competitors in its category.

3) Accessories

The .35 HP stainless steel Electric Meat Grinder comes with auger, meat stomper, three stainless steel plates, three stuffing tubes and stainless steel knife. That’s a perfect package to compliment your meat grinder. You can mince your meat in different varieties and have that sumptuous meat spread for lunches or dinners.

4) Top Quality Materials

It comes with top quality stainless steel body and parts as well. A lot on emphasis in given on the durability of the product and LEM provides a 2 year warranty on the parts which provide all the more reason to opt for it.

5) Superior Technology

LEM uses a superior technology in the making of this product. The circuit breaker is one of the crucial elements of the meat grinder. If for some reason the meat gets trapped in the auger, the electricity is automatically shut off. This ensures that the motor is saved from damage.

6) Packaging and Assembly

All the .35 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinders come perfectly packaged and the assembly/disassembly is absolutely seamless. You can easily assemble and use it in your kitchen.

7) Dedicated After Sales Service

A good customer support is the key to retain existing customers and create new ones. LEM provides a customer oriented after sales service support. Knowledgeable technicians are available to guide you should you need any assistance with the product or have any service issues.

So whether it’s your kid’s birthday party or your next luncheon with friends and family, you can now dish out the perfect meatballs, sausages and other minced meat items with the help of the best stainless steel Electric Meat Grinder that is available in the market. Order one for yourself right now and savor the best meat delicacies in the comforts of your home.

Important factors when buying the best meat slicer

When you walk up to the counter at the deli and place an order, you will likely be asked one important question: how thin would you like that cut sir/ma’am? The deli worker will have to use a meat slicer to get the job done.Best meat slicerBut what if you wanted to do all the slicing yourself? What if you bought your meats and cheeses in bulk and wanted to prepare them at home yourself? What would you need to consider to pick out the best meat slicer for you?
It all depends on how much money you want to spend and how much meat and cheese you plan on slicing up.
Cheaper ones will not handle a lot of slicing. They will not be made for it, and will break down if you ask them to do too much.
If you are going to do a fair amount of slicing, but not necessarily in bulk, you may want to consider a mid-tier one. You’ll want something with a little more horsepower in the engine as well as larger blades. These will typically be good for a few hours of meat and vegetable slicing a day.
If you are thinking of opening a deli or if you have a small army of teenagers to feed on a daily basis you will want to go with a top of the line model. These will come with more safety features and will be able to slice cheese (which many models can’t do) as well as meats and vegetables for hours a day.
But what should you look for if you are not sure how often you are going to use it?
Many users would recommend that you go ahead and spend a little money on one rather than bother with a cheap one. You will get frustrated with the cheaper model’s lack of speed and ability to do much. If possible, find one with an engine speed of ¼ to � to make your slicing more efficient.
Users recommend paying attention to the blade as well. Go for a larger blade if you can; at least 10” if not 12”. If you are considering purchasing a new one, be sure and inspect the blade for any nicks. If you can get one that comes with sharpening stones, it is highly recommended to do so.
You should also try to get one that is easy to disassemble. To properly clean a meat slicer, it will help to be able to take it apart since pieces of food can get stuck in all sorts of places. Juices from meats and vegetables can make a mess everywhere, and if not cleaned can breed germs and containment what you slice next.
In short, you don’t want to cut cost when it comes to your meat slicer. You want to get one with a larger blade and a stronger motor so that it can work efficiently, and one that can be easily cleaned. It may cost you a little more, but you’ll be happy you spent a little extra on one made out of stainless steel.

How to Clean and Care for Your Meat Grinder

An electric meat grinder is definitely a must-have kitchenware to every household. Using this meat grinder is more convenient than you thought although commercial meat.
slicers ranges from medium to heavy duty ones, you can still have the option to purchase one just for your household. Having a good meat slicer will be a good addition to your home especially when you are a food fanatic and an avid fan of meat products. Aside from that, this machine can also be used for fruit and vegetables, making it easier to cook and prepare food for you and your family. Meat slicer is another kitchenware that best goes with your electric meat grinder. Electric meat grinder

Below is the best meat grinder.

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric with 3 Cutting Blades, 3 Grinding Plates, Kubbe Attachment.


Here you will find some useful tips for how to care for a meat grinder. You can follow the tips and instructions and use your grinder effectively for years. KEY IMPORTANT POINTS TO PROTECT YOUR MEAT GRINDER MACHINE

1. Do remember to level the plates of the grinder before switching it on. € Make sure your grinder is never operated idle. Always put some bulk of meat for grinding before getting its switch on. € Otherwise, your machine can be ruined up simply. € Do not forget to clean up the meat of the bones before putting in the grinder. Otherwise, it could drastically affect the sharpness of the blades or knives.
Handle the plates very carefully while cleaning it before and after use as they could be damaged. € Always avoid using the machine on direct current. Make sure you have an uninterrupted alternating current supply.

2. Always make sure to put an optimum amount of meat in the grinder. Do not put a large amount of meat as it also can turn your machine non-functional. IMPORTANCE OF PROPER ASSEMBLING OF THE GRINDER COMPONENTS Except all these important points, it’s very important to assemble your machine properly every time you use it. Use the manual and make sure all the plates are properly fitted as directed in its slot. If any of the components is not at exact place, it can cause breakage of the rotating compartment or the blades. HOW TO KEEP YOUR GRINDER GERMS FREE For healthy eating, it is very important to keep your machine clean and germ free always. As meat is the has some amounts of blood left and blood is the best medium for the growth of bacteria, so avoid any contamination to your ground meat, always wash the removable components of the grinder properly before and after the use. Also wash the meat properly, which is to be ground.

3. MAINTENANCE OF PROPER TEMPERATURE Always make sure you keep the temperature moderate for the meat and machine simultaneously. If you have washed and rinsed the grinder with warm water, then avoid grinding of very cold meat at the same time. And if you have washed the grinder with very cold water, avoid grinding the warm meat in it. HOW TO KEEP THE GRINDER RUST FREE A key important point to keep your grinder function is to save it from rusting. Always place the plates and blades or knives of the machine in a dry place and always dry them properly when washed to avoid rusting. If you place it in a humid place, the knives and iron components will rust, and the machine would become damaged. Rust is also dangerous to our body cells. If you are using the grinder after rusting un-noticed, you can harm your family and children with contaminated meat. So follow the super easy steps and learn how to care for a meat grinder. Eat healthy food and make your family feel special by giving them healthy, delicious food for eating.

How to find the best meat grinder on amazon 2016

If you really like ground beef, and you want to be able to grind your own beef in your kitchen, then it would be best to buy your own meat mincer. A great domestic device to have in your kitchen is a meat grinder or mincer especially if you are weary about buying commercial ground beef or pork because of safety concerns. Meat grinder reviews

The meat grinder reviews shows that is easy to use and manage a meat mincer since it works on very basic concepts. If you are hoping to ground beef at home for the first time, you won’t have to stress over it too much since they are very easy to use. You’ll find each machine may vary it’s use, the basic method includes placing the assorted meat into the funnel. You will see it sitting at the top of the grinder. The meat product then goes into the rotating conveyor which minces the meat. You will find at the end of the screw conveyor, you will spot a kind of small opening and this is the place where the meat comes out. If you’re wanting to produce sausages, there are all sorts of attachments that you can stick at the end to make it much easier for you to stuff the sausage skins from this particular spot.

Meat grinders reviews shows that the mincers tend to be operated manually or you can buy a meat mincer that is electric. It’s up to you which one you’ll choose and which unit would be simplier to use on a daily basis.

When you get your very own meat grinder, it is crucial to figure out what your needs are. If meat mincing is just what you’re looking for whenever you’re at home and not for any sort of commercial purposes, then it is probably best to buy a basic hand operated grinder. Then again, if you are wanting to develop or start a sausage making business from your own home for instance, then a robust meat grinder is the right choice. It would also be a good idea if the thing you found was an electric mincer that is able to withstand heavy usage without overheating during the entire process of making your product.

It’s kind of hard finding your very first meat mincer if you are serious about your ground meat that you eat. However, do not be afraid to ask around for all sorts of information about what this kind of machine can do to make your life much easier. It is a very good idea to learn what are the most important and weak aspects early on so you will not have to be concerned about it later on.

Meat grinder reviews shows that one reason why the manual grinder is recommended is that the blade is known to last for a really long time. which is more than you’ll be able to say for the electric types. Oftentimes the motor of these grinders is not as heavy as the blade alone and burns out if not used very carefully. So be sure to complete your investigation before purchasing. http://www.meatgrinderexpert.com/